Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Hundred Cats in an IKEA Store

Imagine a hundred cats in a furniture store. Aside from the smell, the torn curtains, scratched furniture and likely, plenty of poop, the image doesn't sound particularly enthralling. Or hygienic. Except the result is a surprisingly warm and beautifully shot TVC for IKEA UK's campaign for the launch of their 2011 catalogue. The footage shows cats jumping off tables, napping amongst stuff toys and playing with IKEA's ever-great-value price tags. See here:

More than just a bad pun, the way Mother London (the agency behind the campaign) delivered the 'cat-alogue' campaign is interesting, in that it explores the idea that cats live their lives in the pursuit of pure comfort and happiness. And, of course, what better place than IKEA?

The TVC is part of the larger 'Happy Inside' campaign, where viewers can identify the pieces of furniture chosen by the cats for a chance to win the items. The participants can then share their guesses with friends on the IKEA Cats Facebook page.

Now, I wonder what would happen if they just added a dog to the mix...

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